Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dont forget, contest for Business Bootcamp with Skye

ends tonight at midnight. Awesome entries keep coming in!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Kristin Paying it forward 4x10 storyboard

Kristin sent in this lovely green 10x4 storyboard with three openings.

Link to download: Click here

Thank you to Kristin for pif on the blog!! -pif blogger

Picture in Picture action from LORI

this action is AWESOME, picture in picture action contributed by Lori.
Link to download: Click here
Thank you to Lori for pif on the blog! -pif blogger

We have tonsssssss and loads of stuff to post

MORE interviews, MORE contest, MORE people who sent stuff in to pay it forward. All that and more coming up!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Contest, are your boots made for walking?

It's called Business Bootcamp Workshop / http://www.bbootcamp.com/

Here's a chance to win a seat at Skye Hardwicks Business Bootcamp Workshop. If you win, you get to pick the location of your choice.

The rules are ...

Understand it is a business only workshop.

Those within two hours of both Pittsburgh PA and St. Louis MO are not able to attend due to those being Skye's marketing areas.

Must have a business or on their way to having one; no hobbyists.

Here's the contest:
Take a picture, involving boots, bdu's or something boot related. It can be hip , sexy, fun, jazzy, whatever your interpretation is for the contest. Email your picture entries to pifphoto@gmail.com.

Winner will be announced Wednesday of next week along with an interview and winning picture. Boots video Jessica Simpson, cant wait to see the entries!

Thank you Skye for the interview and contest!-pif blogger

Deadline for submissions midnight on tuesday July 31st

Skye Hardwick, her boots were made for walking......Its all about workshops!

Your Name?
Skye: Skye Hardwick

How long in the photography business?
Skye: I have been in the photography business over three years now. Loved photography from as far back as I can remember.

What is the best advice (Pay It Forward Style) you could give a photographer starting out in the business?
Skye:Photography forums are great, but always remember they are not the only place to get photo inspiration. Google is your friend; find some fabo photographers to be inspired by on the net. Visit a gallery or museum. Open up some catalogs and magazines and see where that takes you for inspiration.

Piece of equipment you just CANT live without?
A good prime lens. I'm coming around to zooms, but my heart will always be with my trusty 50mm 1.4

What's three things you keep at your desk while you work?

- My pink Motorola
- A cup of coffee { with extra cream and two splendas }
- Almonds for low carb snacking

Do you sing in the shower?
Skye: Totally. I sing anywhere. If I weren't a photographer I'd be a singer. If I had more guts to sing in public, that is.

Who is your hero?
My Mom.

Tell us a little bit about your workshops?
I offer both Creative and Business workshops for photographers around the US.
See links below or visit the WS News Blog:

Wildest craziest thing you have done?
Haha. A lady keeps her secrets. *wink*

Favorite Quote?
Skye: I'm a quote junkie, so I have many favorites, but photography-related I love this quote:
"You have no competition because there is only ONE of you on this earth. Embrace that fact and let it carry you in your art, your business, and your confidence!" -- Mike Colon, Photographer

Favorite Picture that you took?

Links to all Skye's fun stuff:



http://www.workofheart.typepad.com/soulographer / Workshop News Blog


And we are not done, contest coming up, get your boots ready ;)

Pretty as a Daisy, Laura Veraska contributing

HER DAISY brush! Muchos gracias for this very cool brush to use for cards, storyboards and other fun stuff for our clients!

Link to download : click here to download

Thank you to NoBs Photo Success and Photoshop Mama

We hear Pay It Forward Photography Blog was in NoBs Photo Success and Photoshop Mama's Newsletters. Sending a shout out of thanks to you both!!


Comment box is back!

The post a comment box is back. It wasnt working, and now its fixed. :o)

Guess what???? Its contest interview DAY!!!

Hint: She is as beautiful as the blue sky.

Do you know who?


Gift Certificate, PIF Style from DEBI! She's a rockstar!

You need a classy gift certificate to meet all your needs? Debi submitted this one and its fantastic!
Link to download: Click here to download
thank you debi for the awesome gift certificate!!! -pif blogger

Shoutout to Melanie R

She sent in an email to celebrate the 30,000 visits. Heres our shout out to her and a thank you!!!


Check it out! Senior Postcard being shared by CINDY! People are rolling in gifting some awesome stuff! Heres Cindys Senior Template, and it ROCKS!

Link to download: Click here
and click here

Thank you Cindy for pif on the blog-pif blogger

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Please take our poll on the right----------------------->

We have recieved several emails about links to download being deleted. Before we post anymore things to download, please take the poll on whether you can download links or not.

If you so happen to know of a better route to get stuff linked to download without it costing money please email us at pifphoto@gmail.com.

If you are having issues with downloads showing deleted, it helps if you specify which downloads are showing that. Its time consuming on our part to go through each one to find the ones that show that. So sending us a link will help us figure it out.

Also, please make sure to download any items that have been gifted on the blog, most will likely expire in 90 days and wont be rehosted. Some expire in 7 days depending on which company used for downloading links.

Again, thank you for reading the blog and helping us make this an amazing blog for all of us to be able to give back to eachother, paying it forward.

-PIF Blogger

Update: from bruce via email- if for some reason the person trying to download from gigasize does not fill in the three letter code correctly, leaves it blank or its enter before they finish putting in the correct three letters, it will do that. You don't even know there is a problem until the count down finishes and then you click download. Have them try hitting the back button until they get a new three letter code and try again.

Hope that helps.

uh oh, we missed the 30,000

BUT, we were at the Yankees game against the royals, and they won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. They have the best bbq sandwiches at those games. Just out of this world. We had a blast.

And we totally didnt expect to hit 30,000 till like today, but wow!!!

Soooooooooooo, we got tons of stuff to post and celebrate. People sending stuff in.

Question from an email:

Do you still need contributions for the blog?

Yes, always, and we will be posting lots of stuff here shortly.

Thanks to all the subscribers, you ROCK!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Almost 30,000 visits to the blog, and we are wanting to do

something big, something HUGE. Something out of this world. Well that maybe a little over the top, buy you get the idea ;)
If you would love to help us celebrate 30,000 visits to the blog and do something huge, email us. We have touched many different forums from this blog, and loads of photographers. So for every 10,000 vistis, we want to celebrate in a huge way.

Send us a email at pifphoto@gmail.com if you want to help celebrate. It could be from a company, template maker, photographer, anybody.

Hit us up and let us know!

Thank you to all the contributions, and the paying it forward gifts.
-PIF Blogger

P.S. We just became a member of prophotogs.com (this is PIF bloggers 4th messageboard) and that is a fantastic board. Sending a shoutout to Cher Salo and all the members , wonderful community of photographers established there.

Want to subscribe to the Pay It Forward blog

and stay in the know? On the right you will see the feed blitz (i hope i spelled blitz right ;o) ) , simply put in your email and subscribe, remember to confirm your subscription and you will stay in the know ;)



And theres more, heres a template 10x20 from andrea.

You can do so many things with this one, add your own fun spin to it!

Link to download: Click here
Fantastic Andrea, thank you for PIF to the blog. -pif blogger

Arya PIF to the blog, one for the seniors and one for the kids

Rocking the Senior style

and one for the kiddos Link to download: Click here

These are AWESOME Arya, thank you for PIF on the blog. -pif blogger

Favorite tune of the day

if you have a favorite tune that you love to listen to while you work, email us @ pifphoto@gmail.com with the youtube link, and we will post it on the blog and your name :o)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bobbie, hooking the pay it forward blog up again!

Bobbie is beyond generous, she gives over and over on forums, and again on the PIF blog, I cant express enough, how awesome this woman is. I hope that people will be encouraged to give back to the blog too.
She is giving, tons of borders.

Link to download: Click here
bobbie, thank you for the PIF gift and your HUGE generosity to this blog. -PIF Blogger
Link to bobbies border site:

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Do a little dance, get down tonight.........JAZZ IT UP with Alexi

Alexi, wonderful Alexi, has sent in a action to JAZZ up those photos! Here is examples of the action at work:

Link to download: Click her e to download
thanks to alexi for the pif gift! Its jazzy! -pif blogger

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Texture Texture Read All about it....... JESSICA DITTMER PIF on the blog!

Jessica ROCKS! ya wanna know why? unexpectedly she emails wanting to PIF. This texture is POPPIN (thats my new word, anybody heard that song about lipgloss and it poppin its supposed to be the new phrase to use, okay off that soapbox)
Check it out:

Link to download: http://www.gigasize.com/get.php/-1099866159/shabbytexture.zip

Thanks much to Jessica with this banging texture! -pif blogger

More fantastic stuff to come.........

BUT we have to go run errands, dont you just HATE waiting and when people do that. I know I do, LOL. But I promise, it will be worth the wait.................

PIF Blogger

Desiree, is fanfreakingTASTIC. Seriously, check out this 10x10 she made for the PIF Blog

From Desiree:
Made a 10x10 template for your blog. The photo opening is 6x6. I'd probably use a template like this for a canvas print or a print on foamcore/gatorboard. On the foamcore print, I'd drill through the top 2 corners, then tie ribbon through and hang on the wall just like that.
Thanks for your wonderful blog!
Heres the download link:
It's a BIG file!
and here's an example:

Desiree your AWESOME! thank you for pif on the blog-pif blogger

Oh so excited!!

We have some fantastic people who PIF for the BLOG. Yup Yup, we will be posting something shortly :o)

We are in a Jack Johnson mood

Sure most of you are familiar with him, love his music........... tune we are listening to now............

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Back in business....

Okay we are BACK, if you would like to pay it forward, hit us up with an email at pifphoto@gmail.com
We would love to hear from you!

Actually we will sit here and twiddle our thumbs in great anticipation for anybody who wants to contribute to the pay it forward blog, no pressure though! :o)
-pif blogger

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Totally Flipping out! Over 20,000 visits to the blog....

Okay, I wasnt paying attention and busy behind the scenes that we hit 20,000 visits and we didnt even celebrate! (that is just NOT right) WOW WOW WOW. That freakin ROCKS! Heres our celebration party NOW before we go on vacation. You guys are awesome and just wow!

If you want to pay it forward send us an email and we will hit up the blog when we can during our hiatus/vacation!

Come on ride the PIF train, and ride it............ :o)

Busting out the fireworks tonight!

Wow, lots of entries, contest over.

That was like speed lightning fast! Here is the first three winners, your information (address and email) is being forwarded to Mary Hanson Bangle Bracelets.

1. Jan Nelson
2. Claudine Jackson
3. Jessica Tyndall

Thank you to all those that entered, more interviews, contest, fun stuff to come (after our hiatus/vacation :o) )

CONTEST w/ Mary Hanson Bracelets!

First Three to email with your ADDRESS and EMAIL to pifphoto@gmail.com , gets one of these beautiful fabulous bracelets!
Website: http://www.maryhansonphotography.com/ssbangles.htm

*thanks to Mary for the awesome contest!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Mary Mary Mary, and contest to boot!

Your name?
Mary: Mary Hanson

How long have you been in the photography business?
Mary: Three years, but I've been into photography since I was about 9 years old!

What is the best advice (Pay It Forward Style) you could give a photographer starting out in the business?
Mary: Good word of mouth is the best thank you a client can give you, make sure you reward your great clients who spread your name around. Conversely, going the "extra mile" to make an unhappy client happy can be well worth a small investment in reprints, or re-shooting or a thank you gift. The customer is (almost) always right! :)

What is something you have learned in the past that you carry with you to the present?
Losing my mom to cancer cemented two big lessons for me: 1. you can never take too many photos of those you love, and 2. don't let the "small stuff" get in the way of enjoying each day for the gift that it is.

One thing you just CANT live without?

Mary: After my family, I'd have to say my 24 inch iMac computer... totally addicted.

Your favorite quote?
Mary: Oh...it changes all the time, just heard this the other day and liked it a lot:
"Resentment is you taking the poison and waiting for the other person to die"

Wildest Craziest Thing you have done?
Mary: I've led a pretty tame life, lol. Probably the time last November when I was doing "Get out the Vote" on election evening in Minneapolis, MN and I got a gun pulled on my by some drug dealers who didn't want to be asked if they had voted.

Who is your hero?
Mary: Barbara Kingsolver

Favorite Picture you took?
Mary: I'm probably a bit odd that I tend to like photos with more emotion than a big toothy grin. This photo of three sisters, though taken a few years ago, still speaks to me. Their parents were renewing their vows, and the littlest girl had just had enough of photos, and the day, and she totally started crying. Her big sisters went to console her and their expressions just say it all to me.

Tell us a little bit more on the bracelets ?
Mary: I wanted a simple classic sterling silver bracelet that wasn't too expensive to offer my clients, and couldn't find what I wanted, so decided to buy the supplies and create my own. I use them as client gifts a lot, and every time I give one, it makes the Mom cry. I've had people book sessions from seeing a friends bracelet, so I know they get shown around a lot. I decided to sell them discounted to photographer friends, and the response has been great! Check out http://www.maryhansonphotography.com/ssbangles.htm
for more information.

*Contest details coming up shortly! Thank you's to Mary for interview and contest. -PIF Blogger