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Thanks so much,
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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Please give our many thanks to WEBEXHOSTING.COM
and if you dont have hosting, go to them because they ROCK!

We will have a new domain name:

We will now upload ALL files from

I will direct this blog to go to the new blog after I get everything all set and done. If links change, I will keep you posted.

We are moving to a NEW HOME guys!

Our thanks again too: , lets thank them!!!
PIF Blogger

Well guys, my fellow PIFer's.....

We may be moving too a new blog and domain. I will keep you posted, but its exciting news.

More details soon to come.


One from Bobbie again, gosh ya gotta love her!

She gives and gives and gives! Bless her!

Link to download:

Of course courtesy of Jeanelle C. ;) thank you so much (big ol hug)

Picture of Overlay:

*Bobbie, again, our many thanks for you constantly PIF. GORGEOUS!-lindsay pif blogger

16x20 Template from Anne!

Found this one waaaay back in my emails, Adorable!
Link to download thanks to Jeanelle C.

Picture of this lovely 16x20

*Thank you to Anne for PIF on the blog!!! Adorable!-Lindsay pif blogger

Wait, we may have another option

I will keep you posted, this one could be a really good alternative,
This post is plan A.

Please send our big ol blog good luck vibes, comments are good too :o)-

Will post when I get more info!!!

Thanks so much,

the post underneath is plan B

Okay, so many of you commented and sent in emails,

Heres some ideas sent by Haskins Photography and J. Caraway Photography,

they both suggested PIF with server space.

For example, Jeanelle would take over January, I fwd donations to her too upload and she ftps and emails me back the link to post on the blog. Which is a fantastic Idea until things get back underway with filebuffer.

Thanks so much to you both for these wonderful ideas.

Tell me what you guys think, and if anyone would be interested in taking a month. Theres 12 months out of the year, ha ha ha. I dont blog on weekends.

I will also look into other avenues so we dont miss a beat.

Also please dont stop sending in PIF gifts. If there is a will theres a way, and we will keep on trucking along.

Heres another deal though, We get between 1700-3000 visits a day, not sure if that would be an issue, so lets get more ideas flowing.

Thanks so much,
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Filebuffer, Milan made another post


No PayPal for Croatia
Many of you have answered my plead for help, and I thank you with all of my heart. Unfortunately I was informed that PayPal does not allow money to be sent to accounts opened in Croatia due to limited service provided here.
I am sorry, I know I keep apologizing but trust me that I’m very sorry for not reading the fine print first, and for believing none of you even considered donating.
Does this mean FileBuffer is doomed? No. I refuse to even consider other advertising options that I successfully resisted for years but that doesn’t mean I’m taking the site down.
I’m paying my bills and paying the overchargers to the point I can afford, when I no longer can FileBuffer will be down, I understand that not having a reliable hosting for your files will certainly drive a lot of people away, but then the traffic will be significantly lower and site will be able to function as normal, c’est la vie.
Call me foolish but I am prepared to have more debit from this than income, and it’s not all because of you, I love FileBuffer, it’s history and work hours invested, saying that alone could be all reliability some users need, and I thank you for that.

So one of our members informed us they tried to paypal and croatia is limited with paypal. Milan is of good people. I think very highly of him. He has been good to PIF for so long and we are thankful.

If there is anything WE as PIF readers and contributors can do please let us know. We thank you for your hospitality to our readers and our blog.
I will contribute myself if there is another route we can go or if paypal is available in your area in the future. We are here. Thanks so much again. Immensely.
-PIF Blogger

Filebuffer is down, I know the owner and have talked to him

in the past. Here is his blog entry:


FileBuffer’s Downtime
Dear users;
You may have noticed that FileBuffer has been experiencing some difficulties lately. The system is manually shut down for at least 8 hours every day to conserve bandwidth. The adverstments can no longer cover the bandwidth overcharges, and unfortunately I cannot afford any.
I can understand how this may be very frustrating, and I do apologize, but please try to understand that FileBuffer has no (and never have had) other income sources other than two Google’s AdSense ads on the download/error page, that always barely covered the server payments.
I’ve heard people saying “You’ve got traffic, place more ads! Obscure the download button, add some popups!” however that’s never been FileBuffer’s way, I respect site’s public and personally I believe that taking the site down for the time I can’t pay for it to run is more considerate towards you, the user.
FileBuffer will still be worked on and upgraded with new and exciting features in the near future, because after three years I still consider it one of my favorite pet projects, and hopefully I will find a better way to support it for open public use.
If you wish to help make these downtimes shorter or even eliminate the need for any, you can assist me with the bandwidth payments. (Thank you!)

I can understand his avoidance with ads. He wanted this upload site to be ad free.
We all have used it here on PIF and elsewhere. A simple donation would not take much. We have used them for the majority of the time due to numerous complaints saying the other sites had porn and such.

I have numerous things to upload and get on the blog. Until then I am at a standstill, unless someone has an idea of how we can get stuff on this blog that we all worked so hard to do and contribute.
Thanks so much,

Sunday, January 13, 2008

We get lots and lots of emails....

If you donated something in the past and have not seen it on the blog, please let me know.
I know I didnt get everyones PIF donations during the fall and christmas, due to it being so busy.

During contest, we get massive amounts of emails.
Please email us again and let us know or resend.

My apologies too those that I was not able to get on the blog.
I will be going through the older emails and get the ones that havent been on here, on the blog.

Thanks so much
-Lindsay PIF blogger

Friday, January 11, 2008

Teresa N.....again on the blog, this ones fun

same design in a 4x6 for easy printing for classroom valentines.

Link to download:

*Thank you again Teresa! cute cute cute! and great idea!-pif blogger

Just in time for the Chinese New Year Celebrations

Recieved these from Jenica!!

*Jenica, thank you so much, we are so thankful how word spreads about this blog and all of us come forward to PIF. These are perfect for the CNY! Thank you so much.-pif blogger

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Spreading the love............. from Teresa N....

Very sweet email:

Hi Lindsay!

I've gotten so many beautiful things from PIF...including wonderful inspiration! I'd like to share this little layered PS valentine template with you and your readers. It's for a flat 5x5 card and includes bleed for WHCC cards and others. The fonts are "Problem Secretary" and "Harrison", but of course can be substituted.

Thank you SO much for creating such a special place where we can all benefit from each other's creativity, and have a great time doing it!

Links to download:

*Thank you Teresa, for the sweet email, pif on the blog, and adorable vday cards.- pif blogger
P.S there was another one she shared, we will share it tomorrow, cute cute cute! xoxo

Very Helpful Video, How to create your splash page

Its so easy and you can do it in photoshop:

Source link:

Thanks to Christie L, for finding this awesome video! This I know will help alot of you out!

Chocolatey Funness!!!! With Eva Talley....

These are soooooooooo adorable! Very Very Cute!

Links to download:

Link to all of Eva Talleys' fun stuff:
*thank you Eva for pif on the blog, the animations are so cute! Love them! Very unique.- Lindsay aka Mai pif blogger

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Will you be my valentine? Perfect cards for the Perfect Client

From one of the sweetest PIF's on the blog, here is some cards from BONNIE!

Links to download:

Link to all bonnies cool stuff:

*Thank you Bonnie for pif on the blog all the time and for the very sweet email. -Lindsay PIF Blogger


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

One for the spring, from Kelly Haddad Designs...

11x14 spring storyboard, Link to download (big file so she hosted with yousendit):

*thank you Kelly, got a very sweet email from you, thank you for PIF on the blog all the time and for the sweet words in the email. This is adorable for spring!-Lindsay

Monday, January 7, 2008

Here are the winners! Congrats to the Winners !FP Album Viewer

It took forever too upload. Here are the winners!

*Thank you to all those that entered, as I was cutting each name, it was so nice to read all the sweet things you wrote (all 28 pages of them, LOL ), so thank you! :o)

While the video is loading, posting a PIF from Neil Creative

Here's another template to share with PIF readers! Attached is the jpeg and the below link is to the filebuffer page it's on.
*thank you for pif on the blog!!! Awesome!-pif blogger

LOL, I'm currently cutting away

I have about 28 pages worth of comments to cut up and put in drawing, the video may be a tad delayed, I'm currently cutting page 19 or so, LOL. LOTS of people entered!

FUN TIMES SOON TO COME! And a little surprise :o)

45 minutes to go till drawing happens!

we will have the video posted around 8pmish CST USA, um theres a lot of names to cut up and put in basket, LOL. Make sure to watch the video to hear your name called ;)

All that and more coming to you! :o)-

-Lindsay pif blogger

Friday, January 4, 2008

Its Friday Giveaway on PIF, and we are going to do it with FLASHPALETTE!

Flashpalette Album Viewer
Price: $30.00
New Features
*True page turning animation effect*HTML mirror site for slow computers*Dedicated editor runs on PC or Mac, and you can try it for FREE
*Flash and HTML pages*Front/back cover can be removed (show first page on start up)*Background Music*Configurable text description and legal statement*Unlimited number of pages
Link to view how awesome this Flashpalette Album Viewer is!!!
Click on picture for full viewing, thank you :o) Here is the Screen shot:

And we are giving ONE away MONDAY!!!

Rules: Make sure to post comments on this post how much this album viewer is so cool and you will be in the drawing. Add your name/email. Please only comment once, no duplicate comments, we are throwing how many comments in a basket and picking a comment with name. Thanks everyone :o) Ends Monday at 7p.m CST USA, then video blog time!!!

*Thank you to Flashpalette for PIF on the blog all the time :o) We appreciate it. -Linday Pif Blogger

Some have emailed to go ahead and purchase, here is direct link:

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Obsidian Dawn Brushes with Stephanie Shimerdla!!!

Your name?
Stephanie: Stephanie Shimerdla, of Obsidian Dawn Brushes.
How long have you been in the photoshop business?
Stephanie: I started out about 4 years ago now, with my artwork. I would find little parts of my paintings that I just wished I had a shape that I could use over and over again to create the desired effect. Looking up that kind of thing, I learned about Photoshop brushes. So I looked up tutorials and started making my own. I found it to be quite enjoyable, obviously, because I've been making them and sharing them with the public for free now for over 2 years. I love making the brushes themselves, but I also love to give them away. I get quite a few emails now telling me that I really should be selling my creations! But there's SO many great free Photoshop brushes out there, and I really do LOVE to give my brushes away so that everyone can use them. There's tons of artists that just don't have the money to purchase brushes. I mean, Photoshop is expensive enough without having to buy other things on top of it, right? Not to mention that I'm a big believer in the "Pay it Forward" ideal. It's my good deed, so to speak, in the digital art community!

What is the best advice (Pay It Forward Style) you could give a photographer starting out in the business?
Stephanie: As far as photography goes, make sure that you have the right camera for you! Nothing too over-sensitive (unless it has a stabilizer type doohickey to keep your photos from blurring when you take too large a breath while snapping a photo!), something that will take large enough photos for references, etc. Take the time to reference it, try it out in the store if you can! As far as Photoshop goes... Tutorials! They are how I learned Photoshop, really (other than the playing around that I did myself). But there's some things you just can't learn by playing around. Check out a tutorial that looks interesting. Follow it through. Almost every single time that I did this, I learned something new about Photoshop. Now, the tutorials on my site are actually designed that way... to help teach people a new aspect of Photoshop with each tutorial, in addition to learning how to do what the tutorial itself explains!

Whats things do you have with you at your desktop while you work?
Stephanie: My camera and the photo references that I take with it, my Wacom Intuos 2 graphics tablet (6 X 8), Photoshop CS2 (CS3 if I'm making them on my Mac notebook), a bunch of iced tea, and a WHOLE list of people's brush suggestions for ideas. What is something you have learned in the past that you carry with you to the present?Stephanie: It's almost impossible to answer this, as far as life goes, anyway. I believe that every single event in our lives molds us into the person that we've become. So, in essence, everything! And I wouldn't change a thing. Because then I may not be who I am today. But as far as making brushes goes... hmm... some things don't make good brushes. I used to try to make brushes out of just about anything and everything. Because I'd seen other people do it, so I figured that it was wanted/needed. In my experience, I've found that hardly anyone uses brushes that aren't made to be able to be transparent. I've written techniques on "filling in" the transparency of brushes, but I'm not sure many people use them. In the end, it's better to make brushes out of things that can look decent transparent, or help add effects to something else.

One thing you just CANT live without?
Stephanie: In life? My computer. I spend waaaaay too much time at my computer. In business? My graphics tablet. I tried doing a lot of this stuff with a mouse for a year or so, then purchased a tablet. Now I couldn't make my brushes without it.

Your favorite quote?
Stephanie: Wow, I have several. I'll list a few. "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."-- Dr. Seuss "

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart."-- William Wordsworth

"The most important things are the hardest to say, because words diminish them."-- Stephen King
and I think my very favorite of all time is:
"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

Wildest Craziest Thing you have done?
Stephanie: Hmm. Probably going up to meet the man who is now my husband. We had met on an online game, and I totally trusted my gut instinct about the guy (although we'd been friends on said game for many months) and just drove up to meet him. After that, I pretty much dropped everything as soon as I got the chance (I was in college and finished the semester) to move in with him. Wild and crazy at the time (and my mother-in-law would KILL me if I did something like that now... erm, I mean meeting someone that I'd only known online, not moved in with another man - lol!), but totally worth it in the end! I wouldn't change a thing. Wildest and craziest thing that I would LIKE to do? (Yes, I'm adding this part of the question in here!) When the hubby is done with his military commitment, I'd love to just pack everything up and go travel the world. This will, of course, depend upon if we have kids and what ages they are, of course! So it may end up being delayed a few years.

Who is your hero?
Stephanie: My husband. While we have so many things in common, there are some things that he does that I could never hope to do. His writing is good enough to be published. He is a great leader - people really look up to him and admire him, I can see it in their eyes. He's in the military, and is willing to fight for what so many people take for granted... freedom. Being in the military also basically means that the government owns your life, and that's another thing I could never do! He works every day so that I can stay at home and do my artwork, make my brushes, and work on building our financial freedom in various business ventures. I respect him for those things and oh so much more.

What is your favorite technique in photoshop?
Stephanie: It changes, but I'd have to say using paths. I only learned how to use them well fairly recently, and wrote a tutorial on their usage... as well as some of the techniques that I use them for in brushmaking. Of course, paths are really the only "technique" that I use in Photoshop other than making the brushes themselves! Most of the rest is from photos or hand painted.

If you were on a boat, and stranded in the middle of the ocean, what would you do?
Stephanie: I'd look around for a desert island where I could crash and retire on a sunny beach for the rest of my days!
Scroll down and download brushes

P.S. Thank you to stephanie for the interview and pif on the blog, greatly appreciated!- Lindsay pif blogger

UPDATE RELINKED, Thanks guys for letting us know :o)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

TAKE Action on Cancer Awareness...with

My Father-In-Law, Bernie, was diagnosed with lymphoma this summer.He had a very rare type of this cancer and it was very far advanced. I shared this action set on a few forums and on my site, called TAKE ACTION ON CANCER AWARENESS. I asked people to pray as they downloaded it.

The treatment was suppose to be a year long of very intense chemo. He
had some kidney problems and has had some heart problems as a result of the chemo. But miraculously is in remission. With this type of cancer (mantle-cell lymphoma), it will come back quickly, unless he does a bone marrow transplant. He is scheduled for this in mid January, and will begin the prep for it this 1st week in January. It will be a few months for recovery from it. And we need prayers and thoughts. They say there is a 40-50% success rate since he will be using his own marrow. Only time will tell if it is successful.

Anyway, if you already have this action from one of the forums or other
places I shared, thank you for your wishes. If not, please go to this
direct link to download it:

About the action: this action converts your photo to a rich black and
white. It then adds 14 color overlays for a tinted black and white.
Each represents a RIBBON color to fight a particular type of cancer.
You can mix and match colors for a variety of looks.

Thanks again for your prayers.


*Our prayers to you Jodi and your family during this time. May Gods healing hand be on him. Sending our PIF love your guys way. Thank you for such a meaningful gift to the blog -Lindsay aka Mai PIF Blogger

Winner of the ProPhotogs NYE party is.........

Winner is Pat Fidler Photography #77

Congrats to you!