Tuesday, January 1, 2008

TAKE Action on Cancer Awareness...with MCPActions.com

My Father-In-Law, Bernie, was diagnosed with lymphoma this summer.He had a very rare type of this cancer and it was very far advanced. I shared this action set on a few forums and on my site, called TAKE ACTION ON CANCER AWARENESS. I asked people to pray as they downloaded it.

The treatment was suppose to be a year long of very intense chemo. He
had some kidney problems and has had some heart problems as a result of the chemo. But miraculously is in remission. With this type of cancer (mantle-cell lymphoma), it will come back quickly, unless he does a bone marrow transplant. He is scheduled for this in mid January, and will begin the prep for it this 1st week in January. It will be a few months for recovery from it. And we need prayers and thoughts. They say there is a 40-50% success rate since he will be using his own marrow. Only time will tell if it is successful.

Anyway, if you already have this action from one of the forums or other
places I shared, thank you for your wishes. If not, please go to this
direct link to download it:

About the action: this action converts your photo to a rich black and
white. It then adds 14 color overlays for a tinted black and white.
Each represents a RIBBON color to fight a particular type of cancer.
You can mix and match colors for a variety of looks.

Thanks again for your prayers.


*Our prayers to you Jodi and your family during this time. May Gods healing hand be on him. Sending our PIF love your guys way. Thank you for such a meaningful gift to the blog -Lindsay aka Mai PIF Blogger


Anonymous said...

Prayers to your Father-in-Law, Jodi!

PD said...

God Bless your FIL for a speedy recovery. Sending up all my prayers for you all this week.
Take care!

cecile@papelle.com said...

I pray for your FIL's recovery. My aunt was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer Stage 4 ...this a week after I covered the engagement shoot of her only daughter. That was in August. Since then the wedding was pulled in and was held in SFO just last week. She is hanging in there still and was able to attend and dance at her daughter's wedding. So much courage...and we remain hopeful as always.