Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Filebuffer is down, I know the owner and have talked to him

in the past. Here is his blog entry:

Source: http://filebuffer.org/blog/2008/01/14/filebuffers-downtime/

FileBuffer’s Downtime
Dear FileBuffer.org users;
You may have noticed that FileBuffer has been experiencing some difficulties lately. The system is manually shut down for at least 8 hours every day to conserve bandwidth. The adverstments can no longer cover the bandwidth overcharges, and unfortunately I cannot afford any.
I can understand how this may be very frustrating, and I do apologize, but please try to understand that FileBuffer has no (and never have had) other income sources other than two Google’s AdSense ads on the download/error page, that always barely covered the server payments.
I’ve heard people saying “You’ve got traffic, place more ads! Obscure the download button, add some popups!” however that’s never been FileBuffer’s way, I respect site’s public and personally I believe that taking the site down for the time I can’t pay for it to run is more considerate towards you, the user.
FileBuffer will still be worked on and upgraded with new and exciting features in the near future, because after three years I still consider it one of my favorite pet projects, and hopefully I will find a better way to support it for open public use.
If you wish to help make these downtimes shorter or even eliminate the need for any, you can assist me with the bandwidth payments. (Thank you!)

I can understand his avoidance with ads. He wanted this upload site to be ad free.
We all have used it here on PIF and elsewhere. A simple donation would not take much. We have used them for the majority of the time due to numerous complaints saying the other sites had porn and such.

I have numerous things to upload and get on the blog. Until then I am at a standstill, unless someone has an idea of how we can get stuff on this blog that we all worked so hard to do and contribute.
Thanks so much,


Anonymous said...

I tried to donate, but it said that payments could not be made to Crotia?

Khara Plicanic said...

box.net is free if the files are less than 10MB each. Just another idea. :)

Keep up the great work!

Dana said...

Thank you so much for the update and the information.

Chrys said...

How much is it? what if we did it like a pay it forward. There seems to be a lot of us, so we could each take a month or whatever. maybe? maybe not?

Jeanelle said...

Lindsay - I just sent you an email, offering to host files on my personal photography website.
I have 2,000 GB of data transfer per month, so I could handle some PIF stuff for ya.

That way - the sharing can continue.

The email is from my personal acct,
jeanelle1117 at yahoo.com