Friday, September 28, 2007

Inspiration Contest, Be Inspired....with Ana Brandt

*Take a picture or give free session along with pictures to a child in need whether foster home or someone you think could be in need of those precious memories we capture everyday.
*Along with that, have you (photographer) hold up a sign saying "I have been Inspired" and take that picture.
*So two pictures needed for this contest submission, one of client on how you can capture them. And one of photographer saying "I have been Inspired".

Email your entries at

The winner will receive a set of Ana Brandts exclusive collection of Inspiration Cards.

*With entry please send in mailing address , this item will be snail mailed to winning entry.

Link to more details on the sets of Inspirations:

Contest Deadline ends next friday October 5th at midnight.

*Thank you to Ana for this wonderful contest, truley inspiring.-pif blogger

Ana Brandt brings Inspiration and a contest to you today!

Your name?
Ana: Ana Brandt

How long have you been in the photography business?>Ana: Forever. Professionally or for other people - 10 years - taking photos since I was a teenager

What is the best advice (Pay It Forward Style) you could give a photographer or painter starting out in the business?
Ana: I am sure this has been said - but find your style. Not the photographer next doors style - yours - what do you LOVE to shoot - focus on that - whether its shoes, people or dogs - do it and do it well.

What is something you have learned in the past that you carry with you to the present?
Ana: That I can't change people. They are who they are.

One thing you just CANT live without?
Ana: My family - does that count? If people don't count - my camera.

Your favorite quote?
Ana: Oprah Winfrey - "There is a supreme moment of destiny - a moment where the energy of your soul comes to be fulfilled - where you reach the point that you know - that you are doing exactly what you were born to do. "

can I have a second? Pastor Rick Warren - "You are as happy as you choose to be".

Wildest Craziest Thing you have done?
Ana: Stopped my bike immediatly after I pedaled as fast as I could go - my Grandpa had just put new brakes on and I stopped hard and flipped right over the bike. I think I was 10 or 11.

Who is your hero?
Ana: Oh my I have none really. There isn't one person that I think of b/c we are all flawed. Maybe God.

Favorite Picture that you took?
Ana: Well I have a zillion - and it changes daily. But my recent favorite is my son and his turtle Franklin. I think my ALLL time favorite is my son laughing - also attached - I have a zillion client favorites too but its just too hard to pick - Ok I will include one pregnancy that I love. I LOVE to capture people laughing.

Tell us a little bit about or

Ana: If - this came about from me wanting to provide a workshop for those working in the pregnancy//newborn arena. I went through so so much trial and error I felt like I needed to help someone else. I started with an online workshop and 6 months later, I published my book. I have since sold it to photographers all over the world, and I like helping other photographers.

JUST PUBLISHED: THE ART OF PREGNANCY AND NEWBORN - portrait photography site - yes I am blogging! - our workshops - holiday and diaper covers

And contest coming up! Spicing it up with a little Inspiration...............

Thursday, September 27, 2007

70,000 visits to the blog and still going, so what shall we do

when we get 100,000???? We should do something big, something fantastic, if you want to help in a huge way and celebrate 100,000 visits party, email us at Its gonna be a big day, so help us paying it forward.
Thank you to our readers, contributors (even the repeat ones) , and all that enjoy the blog.
Look forward to hearing from those who want to help us CELEBRATE!

Adorable Swirly Border from Lindsay!!

"I just found PIF last week and am so pleased to find photographers and artists being open and working together rather than hoarding their secrets and tips. It's really inspirational. With that, I'd like to share a border I made. Swirls and borders are all the rage right now so I made this for some of my fun senior work. I'm attaching an example of it as well. It's a square border but can be changed to work horizontally or vertically by going to edit > free transform or just clicking on the move tool and shaping it to fit the image. It has three layers of different opacities to further customize it. Thanks again!- Lindsay D."
Link to download: Click here

Thank you to Lindsay for the sweet email and we will keep on trucking along with everyone else paying it forward just like you!-pif blogger

Andrea hitting the Pay It forward blog, TWICE!

Link to download: Click here

Link to download: Click here
I gotta give Andrea props, This woman keeps on giving and we are thankful, arent you? THANK YOU Andrea!!-pif blogger

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Are you ready to be inspired, through interview and CONTEST!

Friday is contest day! We will call it Inspiration Friday. Can you guess who this one is?

All the best to all of you, and I hope your having a fantastic week.

*We have been a tad busy at our little studio (thats good right?) So our poor little blog is suffering because of it. We have TONS of stuff to post, we will make time today to get it on here ;) -pif blogger

Bobbie again sharing on the blog

I'm just amazed at all giving!!!
Link to download: Click here
Link to all bobbies fun stuff: Click here
Thanks to you guys for giving!! -pif blogger

We are definitly in the christmas spirit on the blog, Renee again donating to the blog

How wonderful and special are these ladies to continue to share, if you wish to share, hit us up!!!

Link to download her adorable christmas card : Click here
Links to all Renee's cool stuff:

Monday, September 17, 2007

More from Kelly Haddad designs, HUGE paper pack


Link to download: Click here

Download now because this will expire, we had to use yousend it, filebuffer only allows 50mbs, and this download is 187. So download at your discretion Thanks :o) -PIF Blogger


Link to all of Kellys fun stuff: Click here

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Favorite Music Video of the Month

Cant post the embedded code but theres the link, lurves it :o)

Colbie Caillat - Bubbly

Calling all digital card makers and scrappers

We received a email inquiring if digital scrappers or card makers can donate to the blog, and yes, everyone can donate to the blog, photography related or have something of use for photography.
We appreciate all contributions and its a great resource where we can all come together and do this.
All the best,
PIF Blogger

Kelly sent this one in, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!

Link to download: Click here
Link to all of Kellys fun stuff!!
Thank you to Kelly for PIF!! -pifblogger

Its Jessica TODAY with JV Borders

Your name?
Jessica: Jessica McCollam

How long have you been in business?
Jessica: 8 yrs

What is the best advice (Pay It Forward Style) you could give a photographer starting out in the business?
Jessica: Learn how to use your tools, especially your camera and how it thinks and works. It is really so important to learn how it reads light and how to manipulate it to create a great image under just about any lighting condition.

What is something you have learned in the past that you carry with you to the present?
Jessica: Never give up, never call quits, NEVER throw in the towel!!:)

One thing you just CANT live without?
Jessica: My camera of course!!:)

Your favorite quote?
Jessica: Dream as if you´ll live forever, Live as if you´ll die tomorrow!

Wildest Craziest Thing you have done?
Jessica: Isn't this a family blog??? hehe!!

Who is your hero?
Jessica: My momma is my hero! She is so strong and I love her! She is a burn survivor and I have seen her go through so much over the past 8 yrs. She was burned over 60% of her body. She is a fighter and I can't even imagine all the pain she has had to endure!! Through it all she is still so silly and has such a great attitude!

Tell us a little bit about ?
Jessica: I started designing borders and templates with much encouragement from my fellow photographer friends. As a photographer I was always looking for ways to uniquely display and showcase my work so designing borders and templates sort of became an necessary obsession at that point.

And she PIF with a 5x7 flat card. Could be used as any type announcement.

Link to download: Click Here
Thank you to Jessica for PIF!! -pifblogger
Front of Card Back of card

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Exclusive usage to Filebuffer

We are proud to announce that Milan did NOT sell Filebuffer, but Pay IT forward Photography blog is an exclusive VIP member thanks to MILAN! Here's our shout out to him and how awesome he is! YOU ROCK MILAN.

So from now on, all file uploads will be with filebuffer

They are awesome! and we are proud to announce them as exclusive on the blog.

Thank you!!!! to Milan and FILE BUFFER, YOUR ROCKSTARS

Thursday, September 6, 2007

From Natasha, thank you for PIF to the blog!!

Paying it forward!
4 actions in this set.
Snapshot will make a lovely border – works in CS2 and above
Moody in colour and black and white – will add a stylish dreamy glow to your photos
SB 1 – a simple storyboard action


Kindest regards
Natasha Whiteley
Photographer -
Designer -

Link to download set: Click Here

Melissa Yaroschak, come on down

Your the winner of the free 10x20 backdrop from Silverlake Photo Accessories. Your information is being forwarded to Silverlake.
We have to note that Melissa is 7 months pregnant, and wow, she took it up a notch doing this and we think she ROCKS! Congrats to you!

Thank you to Silverlake for sponsoring such an awesome contest!!

There was some awesome entries, thank you to all that entered the contest.

Link to Silverlake:

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Awesome entries

rolling in for the Silverlake sponsored contest, wow. You guys go alllllllll out. Freaking ROCKS!!!!

FUN FUN FUN times on the PIF blog :o)