Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Melissa paying on the blog , more christmas!

Link to download: Click here

Thank you to Melissa for PIF on the blog!-pif blogger

Monday, October 22, 2007

More than eleven major wildfires are blazing from Los Angeles to San Diego, Prayers to you all in those areas.

Wind Fires and Homes/Business's being lost in the masses of fires everywhere in parts of California.
We pray for you and your families and safety to all those going through this.

Video Click here

Friday, October 19, 2007

Joell Parkos paying forward Christmas style, adorable and fancy!!!

Link to download, these are all on ONE template, cool huh?!!!: Click here

Click here for all of Joell's fun stuff, wayyyyy cute!:

*These are adorable Joell, thank you for PIF!!- Pif Blogger

Playing on the blog today!!

Wow, we have been really really busy. Which is a good thing, this Pay It Forward blog and all the good advice that we have been soaking up has been helpful in our own little photography business. We have stayed booked, that we havent had much time to be on here :(
But TODAY, We get to play!

Anyone and I was going through my emails that sent stuff via yousendit, some of them have expired. Please resend if possible, so we can put lots of stuff on the blog today and finally be able to catch up.

Its FRIDAY!!!! woohoooooooooooooo!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Shawn R. sent this info in

Theres a place called Brusheezy, tons of brushes,

heres the link:

Hopefully this will keep you busy with all of the fun stuff on that site so we can go through the emails. We have older stuff that was sent in to put on the blog and interviews. Hopefully get a chance later tonight to get them on here.
-pif blogger

*Thank you Shawn, awesome site!!-Pif Blogger

Thursday, October 11, 2007

We will be back on the blog Monday.

Our son is turning two tomorrow, and its occupying our time with birthday party and and work in the studio.
We have a whole lot of stuff to post on the blog, we will get them on here next week starting monday.
Have a fantastic weekend!

Monday, October 8, 2007

I have been tagged by Liv

I've been tagged by my friend Liv
Photographers that have blogs are getting tagged by other photographers and then you have to tell 8 things about yourself and tag another 8 people. Well, I've been tagged. Now the hard part, finding 8 more photographers :)
I was tagged by my favorite photographer Liv

My 8 things, you may know or you may not:

1. I was born in Ft. Riley Kansas

2. Been in business for almost three years

3. I eloped with a guy who is a major fanatical soccer player

4. I want to finally have a honeymoon in paris, france.

5. I love truffles

6. I'm very loyal to my friends and very super close

7. I love wine, lol. alot.

8. And this blog keeps me busy , I get at least between 20-100 emails a day. And All my thanks to my readers, contributors, and supporters. All my Lurves to you guys. xoxo
=pif blogger

Music Video of the month

I was never a HUGE John Mayer fan, but someone inspired me to his music and now i love his music, so the video of the month is this one, love it.....

Shout out to Laura Novak, this blog is a must read!!

Strategy Avenue is a place where you can find online classes and other information to help you learn how to run your photography business. The Strategy Avenue Blog exists to help photographers learn how to start, grow and manage their business. Our mission is to get you and keep you on the road to success. We believe that road is Strategy Avenue.

PIF is loving this blog, great read for those starting out!!!

Winner of the Ana Brandt contest with PIF- Be Inspired

Amanda Maynard, your the winner of the Be Inspired Contest with Ana Brandt.

Here is her entry that brought us to tears-pif blogger:

"This session I did for a friend’s younger sister. Whose husband was terminally ill. About 2 weeks ago. Since then he has passed. I don’t normally enter contests with these types of sessions, but this couple truly touched my life forever!

How I tried to capture them, was just to be in the moment. Because that’s all they had to hang on too. Such a sweet young couple they have inspired me to be better. That my simple life struggles are nothing compared to what this young couple was faced against. To live my life to the fullest EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I HAVE been inspired!


Congrats to you Amanda, your information is being forwarded to Ana and thank you to all those that entered, lovely inspirational entries turned in. We will have more contest, more to be inspired about and Pay It Forward
-PIF Blogger

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Contest results with Ana Brandt will be announced

MONDAY! FUN stuff you guys!!!


Busy week again, for us. We will get stuff on the blog next week.
Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend.
all the best,
pif blogger